On Pit Row Magazine: Publisher’s Note by Dan Beaver

The cover image for On Pit Row Magazine Premiere Issue Digital Motorsports ExcellenceIn the 1990s I was the magazine buyer for Barnes & Noble, a position that put me in contact with some of the most creative minds in the industry and I immediately put that to work. That chain was a powerhouse in books, but little known in the magazine world. We had one thing on our side, however; a rapidly growing class of trade that everyone wanted as one of their retailers. We became the biggest single outlet for most magazine publishers in less than a decade.

Digital magazines were just becoming a reality. At the time, these where published to CD-ROM disks and sold alongside ink-on-paper magazines through standard distribution methods, but one could see the tops of these disks peeking over the horizon like a rising sun. In the mid-1990s, I was talking to publishers encouraging them to make as many products interactive as they could. This led to my first job as a publisher and I launched several magazines, including a short-lived paperless magazine about reptiles and amphibians.

Fast forward to 2014 and it is time to marry two passions: magazines and auto racing.

The concept of digital magazines has evolved beyond most people's expectations. Today, a magazineOn Pit Row magazine premiere issue on iPhone 5 can be almost anything that the creative mind wants it to be. On Pit Row Magazine is the first auto racing periodical designed expressly for the iPad and other digital mediums. As a result, we hope to avoid some of the awkwardness that comes from translating static ink-on-paper pages to an interactive screen, but we need your assistance.

This is your chance to help us design the perfect magazine-one you can't wait to see every two weeks. Every issue will have contact information for me and co-publisher Charlie Turner. A simple tap of the screen will allow you to send emails expressing what you like and what you would like to see in future issues.

Because, if there is one thing better than a creative mind, it is thousands of creative minds-and it's time to go to work.