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ipadrt_823x978On Pit Row Magazine: The Best of NASCAR from the Pits to Victory Lane

Browsing the magazine aisle of a bookstore is one of my favorite things to do. In fact the magazine rack is a draw whenever I am in a grocery store. And I love grocery stores.

For most of my life the first place I would look, in the magazine section, was the car mags, specifically magazines about motorsports. I was a racing magazine fan way before I could drive. There was a time when auto racing coverage in magazines was limited to small sections in enthusiast publications and the racing articles were short with minimal detail. A race recap for the Daytona 500 in Road & Track, might not be available on the newsstand for a couple months after the actual race. I couldn't get enough of it.

Media coverage of racing, especially NASCAR, has exploded of course. And for a time, so did the number of racing magazines. But search the newsstand today and it is hard to find NASCAR racing magazines. There are F1 magazines, from non-U.S. publishers. Other than a couple NASCAR publications, or a few yearbooks that were published before the season started, a magazine dedicated to NASCAR or stock car racing is a scarce commodity.

Enter the iPad and other mobile devices. Magazines are changing. The Newsstand is on your iPhone now. And a partnership between longtime NASCAR writer and analyst, Dan Beaver and my company, Bench Racing Productions, is bringing On Pit Row Magazine to the iTunes App Store, and to your iPad and iPhone.

On Pit Row Magazine is a big project. Bringing nearly 100 percent original content to the NASCAR motorsports community, every two weeks is a huge commitment. Dan and I are not doing this alone. The premiere issue features contributions from longtime NASCAR commentators Bob Ellis and Bruce Simmons and me, original photography from BethAnne Heisler and Glenn Bure as well as expert fantasy NASCAR analysis from Dan.

Digital magazines are more than words. Inside, you can watch video race recaps, Dan Beaver's NASCAR Fantasy Pitstop and in future issues, much more. We'll have contests and give-a-ways and special subscriber-only issues. All optimized for, and playable on your digital device. It's exciting stuff.

Another feature of On Pit Row Magazine since it is digital, is all of the links - to social media sites, etc - are live and clickable (tap-able in the device jargon).  We hope you'll take advantage of this and communicate with us. Tell us what you want to see in the next issue. What features do we need to add to make us your favorite NASCAR magazine?

We are charging a single issue price of $1.99. Two whole bucks. And if you subscribe, you get the first issue for free and you'll be billed $1 per month going forward. Yep, you save 75% by subscribing and you can cancel anytime. But why would you cancel? This is your magazine.

Here's what I need you to do for us.

  • Click here to see On Pit Row Magazine on iTunes
  • Download the free app on your iPad and iPhone
  • Tap subscribe to get your free issue
  • Then please rate the app - 5 STARS WOULD BE GREAT!
  • Leave a review for us and tell everyone what you think

One last thing. We have tons of ideas for future features and specials. Become an On Pit Row insider and we'll only send you important messages, inSider info about what is coming up. Click here to become an insider.

You can reach me via email Charlie@onpitrow.com and Twitter @onpitrow

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