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Jimmie Johnson garage New Hampshire Motorspeedway reported today that NASCAR plans to make significant changes in the engine packages of Sprint Cup cars in an effort to extend engine life and reduce horsepower.

"It's as much getting more use out of engines as it is (reducing) horsepower,"

NASCAR President of Competition and Racing Development, Robin Pemberton, told in an exclusive interview Saturday morning.

 “There's the mechanical grip and the tire grip and the aerodynamic grip and engine horsepower. Every one thing you change, you have to adjust everything around it to make it right. There's some sort of balance in there. So, if you do a horsepower change, there's a better than not chance that you will have to adjust aerodynamics, and that may give you the ability to adjust tires.”

The current engines in the NASCAR Sprint Cup cars produce 860-900 horsepower and are essentially the same type of motor that they have been using for almost thirty years – although horsepower has increased by nearly 400 hp over that time.

Discussions are still in their early stages and NASCAR has been talking with all stake holders, including the three automakers (Ford, GM, Toyota) as well as engine builders. David Wilson, president and general manager of TRD, U.S.A., Toyota's racing division in the United States, stated, “… we have had a dialog with NASCAR for some time. Just the process itself is absolutely correct. It's refreshing. We feel as stakeholders in the sport, we have a voice."

Whether or not these proposed changes will have a positive effect on the quality of racing next year remains to be seen.

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