The Big One: On Pit Row Magazine Issue 3

On Pit Row Magazine issue 3 cover featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr

Yesterday's Geico 500 at Talladega Superspeedway certainly had drama. There was plenty of two, three and four wide racing, at ridiculous speeds. The race featured lots of passing and even large doses of Sprint Cup championship theatre. There was an absence of big wrecks though. The one late crash, that put the finish on Dale Earnhardt Jr's Chase chances involved just a few cars. But as Big Ones go, it was a Little Big One.

The latest issue of On Pit Row Magazine , out today - download the free app for free on your iPhone or iPad at The App Store, and get two months of magazines free too - includes a feature on the History of The Big One (excellent timing).

The NASCAR driver profile in this issue is all about our cover subject , Dale Earnhardt Jr (again with the timing).  The most excellent cover photo was shot by Glenn Bure -

Glenn got the cover this time, and he has several other photos in this issue, as does On Pit Row Art Director and photog extrordinaire, BethAnne Heisler.

Bob Ellis, 4ever3 himself, contributed a NASCAR 101 piece on spotters, those indispensable, NASCAR eyes in the sky. If you ever get the opportunity to sit in a racecar, especially a stock car, you will wonder how the drivers can drive at all. With helmet and seat and hans device and roll cage, visibility is minimal. Drivers are incredible, but they could not do what they do, without their spotters.

Every issue of On Pit Row magazine contains a wealth of fantasy racing info from expert Dan Beaver. Plus we have up to date stats and standings with race results and recaps for Charlotte and Talladega. Dan's Fantasy NASCAR Power Rankings are a favorite.

Dan is pretty good at this fantasy stuff. His original Chase grid (Chasing Chicagoland) correctly predicted 6 of the 8 drivers who advanced past Talladega to the Eliminator Round of the Chase. He did miss on Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson. Dan even correctly predicted that Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kasey Kahne would get knocked out in the Contender round of the Chase to the Sprint Cup

As I said, Dan's pretty good. So is the latest issue of On Pit Row magazine. Let us know how to make it better.