Back In the Day: Enhanced Danica Patrick Takes Early Lead On NASCAR

danica-patrickI'm gonna brag a little here, so bear with me please. Many of those who know me, know that I hate the overused phrase - back in the day. But I am putting that cliche into use - stealing it from Dale Earnhardt Jr, - for a series of re-posts of some classics from the Bench Racing with Steve and Charlie blog.

I'm dragging out some of the best of, what I think was, the best of the early NASCAR/racing blogs. Bloggers don't really blog much anymore. It's more about Facebook and Twitter now.

But - back in the day - bloggers like 4Ever3 (Bob Ellis), the Diecast Dude (Jerry Wilson), Matt Mercer of the Catfish Show,  Clance (Church of the Great Oval) and the late, great Marc Boland of Full Throttle and Bench Racing with Steve and Charlie - had a real community. We commented on each other's posts. Argued, often vehemently (isn't that right Jerry?).

I miss it.

So I decided to dig up some treasure, including the original comments. If you've been doing this as long as me, you will recognize some names. Leave some fresh comments here to add to the history.

This one is from January 6, 2009. Danica Patrick had stiffed Steve and I, for a radio interview On Pit Row.

I admit to being a bit pissed that ON PIT ROW got dissed by Danica Patrick recently. But you have to give the diva of open wheel racing – and her handlers – some cred for NASCAResque promotional cajones.

I got this from Marc and Full Throttle – which is another example of FT being the best there is in NASCAR’s blogosphere. Go Daddy has a new Super Bowl promo featuring the  overrated one in a video ogle-off that ought to light up the GoDaddy site from now through February.

I haven’t seen anything nearly as original – or as fun – as this from anybody on the stock car side of things this whole winter. Apparently the subjects of the kingdom of France are all too busy whining about how tight money is. Better get going you guys. One of Tony George’s crew just stole some of your February monopoly.

FYI, Ms Patrick was in our town this week to speak at an annual, Italian-American Sports Hall-of-Fame dinner. A dinner at which event, Dick Vitale, the late Al Maguire and recently, Mario Andretti have spoken. When Andretti was here, we had him on the show. Danica, however, couldn’t be bothered.

Do you think her butt looks big in red?

Photo credit: Not sure. But nice use of the wide-angle lens.


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